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Embark on a journey towards climate resilience and sustainability solutions.

Climensys is an applicant entity seeking accreditation as a “Designated Operational Entity” from UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) to carry out validation and verification/certification activities of CDM Projects. It will be a leading service provider with a total solution desk for all your Certification needs. We will provide high quality services to help clients in meeting their growing challenges of third-party inspection, audit, monitoring, verification and certifications across their operational life cycle such as energy demands, environment protection, climate policy, quality, safety, and social responsibility etc.

Key Sectors

Climensys is involved in four core areas of functionality – Climate, Energy, Environment and Sustainability. Across all these areas, Climensys delivers a range of services that essentially includes the followings:
We are trusted Universal Carbon Registry (UCR) Verifier Ensuring Credible Carbon and Rainwater Offset Initiatives.
Climensys Pvt. Ltd. holds the esteemed position of being the Universal Carbon Registry (UCR) Verifier for both Carbon Offset Units (CoUs) and UWR Rainwater Offset (RoU). With expertise and dedication, Climensys ensures the meticulous verification process essential for these environmental initiatives. As the UCR verifier, Climensys upholds rigorous standards, guaranteeing the credibility and integrity of carbon offset projects and rainwater offset initiatives. Through their commitment to excellence, Climensys plays a pivotal role in advancing sustainability efforts and combating climate change on a global scale.
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Our Expert Members

Mr. Vivek Kumar Ahirwar

(Founder and Director)

Dr. Anjali Barwal

(Quality Manager)